Special Encounter: A Trader and Guards

When you encounter the salesman named Willy, he will begin reading a sales pitch from a card and it will put you to sleep. You'll awaken to Willy kicking you in the side and demanding an answer for whether or not you want to buy the weapon he's selling. Since you fell asleep, you don't know what he's selling, and you only have this one chance to purchase it. If you agree to buy the unknown item, you could end up with anything from a Knife or Club to an Alien Blaster or Minigun.

There are two noteworthy items in this encounter. First, you can try stealing from Willy before striking up a conversation to find out which item he's selling before you agree to buy it. Secondly, if you choose to kill him and his guards, you'll find rare 9mm Mausers on all his henchmen.