Dungeon Siege III: Deeds
  • Enduring Champion: You have sustained 100,000 points of damage during your adventure (+2 stamina).
  • Fulltime Hero: You have completed 10 side quests (+2 stamina).
  • Lorekeeper: You have compiled 30 entries in your collection of Ehb lore (+3 will).
  • Loremaster: Thanks to your thorough exploration of Ehb, you have uncovered 60 lore entries in the game (+4 will).
  • Merchant of Ehb: You sold at least 100,000 coins worth of items (+2 agility).
  • Savior of Ehb: You have completed 20 side quests (+3 stamina).
  • Veteran Trader: You have spent 250,000 coins in your career (+1 will).
  • We Are Legion: You have gathered all the known descendants of the Legion (+4 stamina).

  • Avatar of Ultimate Virtue: You refused every reward offered to you by the humble villagers of Raven's Rill (+5 will).
  • Gracious in Victory: You spared the life of the archon, Rajani, and proved that the Legion can be merciful, even to its enemies (+2 will).
  • Ironhand: You defied Jeyne Kassynder and slew her archon handmaiden, Rajani (+2 attack).
  • Legion Caretaker: You decided that the Legion should retain control of Gunderic Manor (+3 stamina).
  • Legion Redeemer: You spared the Dapper Old Gent from the wrath of the city authorities and offered him sanctuary with the Legion (+3 will).
  • Lescanzi Ally: You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to the Lescanzi witch, Leona (+3 will).
  • Liberator: You freed all the prisoners in the Spire dungeon (+5 agility).
  • Lord Protector of Stonebridge: You handed over the Dapper Old Gent to the authorities of Stonebridge, so that he might stand trial for his crimes (+3 stamina).
  • Proletarian Hero: Thanks to you, the cyclops workers in the Foundry will enjoy the same rights as humans or goblins (+3 attack).
  • Royalist Ally: You have shown unwavering support to the Crown (+5 stamina).
  • Solver of Ciphers: You discovered the password to the magically sealed door in Gunderic Manor (+2 agility).
  • Strike Breaker: You broke the strike of the Great Foundry and granted no concessions to the cyclops workers (+3 will).
  • Trial and Error: Your unwavering determination finally won over the magical guardian in Gunderic Manor (+2 stamina).

  • Celestial Ally: You have earned the trust of the archon, Anjali (+2 attack).
  • Fiery Loyalty: Anjali's faith in you has become unshakable (+3 attack).
  • Radiant Friendship: You have earned Anjali's undying loyalty and friendship (+5 attack).

  • Bewitching Ally: You have gained the trust of the capricious Katarina (+2 agility).
  • Sharpshooting Sidekick: Katarina enjoys your company, and she considers you a friend (+3 agility).
  • Kindred Spirits: Katarina has grown to respect your pragmatic sensibility. She would follow you to certain death -- and then let you go on ahead while she watches your back (+5 agility).

  • Montbarron Ally: You have earned the trust of Lucas Montbarron (+2 stamina).
  • Loyal Guardian: Lucas is impressed by the choices you have made, and you have earned his steadfast loyalty (+3 stamina).
  • Comrade in Arms: Lucas regards you as a true exemplar of Legion principles. His loyalty to you is absolute (+5 stamina).

  • Academic Ally: You have gained the trust of Reinhart, scholar of Stonebridge (+2 will).
  • Tenured Loyalty: Reinhart is thoroughly impressed by your actions and your words. You have his trust and respect (+3 will).
  • Doctorate of Friendship: Reinhart admires the choices that you have made, and he considers you his closest friend and ally (+5 will).

  • Of One Mind: Your party has agreed about what to say in conversation at least 20 times (+1 will).
  • Rivalry: Your party disagreed about what to say in conversation at least 20 times (+1 attack).

Treasures of the Sun DLC
  • A Voice for Change: You decided to leave Eleanor at the abbey, where the Lamasu predicted she will eventually become a powerful leader of the Church (+25 will).
  • Secret Keeper: You kept silent about Sister Jenna's indiscretions, allowing her to avoid embarrassment (+1 agility).
  • True to Legion Blood: You decided to bring Eleanor into the Legion, as her father would have wanted. Now her ancient bloodline will be preserved (+25 attack).
  • Truth Teller: You told the other monks about Sister Jenna's indiscretions and she fled the abbey in shame (+1 stamina).
  • Underhanded: You decided to keep the Ring of St. Hiram for yourself, destroying his hand in the process (+1 attack).
  • Wholly Man: You returned the intact hand of St. Hiram to Cornelius (+1 will).