Frequently Asked Questions
What is Champions of Norrath?

Published by Sony Online Entertainment (the creators of EverQuest) and developed by Snowblind Studios (the developers of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance), Champions of Norrath is an Action RPG for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. With unprecedented depth of gameplay and character customization, Champions of Norrath offers players more than 100 hours of gameplay per player character. Players take on the role as any one of five races and adventure either alone or with up to three friends in a fantasy world set within the EverQuest world.

What's the premise? What's the story like?

The story begins with the characters being recruited by the wood elves of Kelethin to stop an invading horde of evil goblins. The player must journey from Faydwer into the wilds of Norrath to discover the reasons behind this gathering army of evil. As the game moves forward, players will discover a greater plot that imperils not only the elves, but the entire world!

Where does Champions of Norrath take place?

Champions of Norrath encompasses many of the familiar lands of EverQuest and is set several hundred years before the timeline of the current EverQuest PC game. The players' journeys take them from the forests of the wood elves, to the great sink hole of Kunark, to the vast underworld home of the Dark Elves, and finally to the very Planes themselves for a final showdown with evil incarnate.

When was it released?

Champions of Norrath was shipped to stores on February 10, 2004.

What is the ESRB rating for Champions of Norrath?

Champions of Norrath is rated T for Teen (Blood & Gore, Violence).

Can I play Champions of Norrath with my friends?

Champions of Norrath offers both single player and multiplayer action. The game features an online multiplayer component at no additional cost to players*, allowing up to four players to adventure in Norrath over the Internet using the Network Adaptor for the PlayStation 2. Players can also import their characters into friends' games and then take them home to play solo - the play options offer console gamers the freedom to play anytime and from any location. A group of four can also play on a single PlayStation 2 using the Multitap.

*(Internet connection required for online multiplayer game modes, online connection fees are the responsibility of the user).

Can I play Champions of Norrath online?

Champions of Norrath allows a player to join up to three others for online play using the Network Adaptor for the PlayStation 2. Players can play via broadband connections through SOE's matchmaking service.

Is a monthly fee required to play?

There is no monthly fee for Champions of Norrath.

Is this a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG?

No. Champions of Norrath is SOE's first single-player focused console action game. While there is an online component, the game is centered around an exciting campaign designed for a single player.

How is Champions of Norrath different from other console RPGs?

Champions of Norrath combines the intensity of an action game with the depth found in most console role playing experiences. With thousands of items, multiple unique skills and spells, and randomly generated content, the replayability of Champions of Norrath goes far beyond any action RPG found on console to date.

Who is the developer?

Snowblind Studios, the creative minds responsible for the original Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for PlayStation 2.

How long has it been in development?

Champions of Norrath has been in development for more than a year.

What platforms is Champions of Norrath released on?

Champions of Norrath is available exclusively for the PlayStation 2.

How many hours of gameplay?

With the generation of random content and the ability to play through the game with the same character three different times, players can expect more than a hundred hours of gameplay per player character.

How many items?

Thousands of items are available to players.

How many spells?

Each class has more than 13 skills and/or spells. These can be leveled up to twenty times to increase not only their power, but how they function as well.

How many quests?

More than twenty quests, spread through five different acts for hours of action and non-stop entertainment.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal of Champions of Norrath is to rid the world of Norrath of evil. Players will create a unique hero of great power by adventuring across 16 adventure zones, fighting demons and the underworld forces as they gain experience and acquire unique skills and items. The action and storyline lead to a final confrontation between good and evil.

How many characters can I control in Champions of Norrath?

The player controls one character at a time and may group up with up to three other players.

Can I have conversations with non-player characters (NPCs)?

NPC's will provide quests and helpful hints for the players throughout the story.

How does inventory work?

Players can collect, buy, and sell hundreds of items and equipment for their characters. They may equip items that are appropriate to their class if they so wish, or simply discard unwanted loot.

How many item slots do I have?

Each character can equip five different armor locations: chest, head, arms, legs, and feet. Additionally, they may equip a weapon, shield, and three pieces of jewelry.

Can I gain experience and level-up?

Yes, each player character may reach level 50, gaining new skills and spells as they do so.

How many levels are there in the game?

More than 50 levels with non-linear side quests.

How often and when can I save the game to my memory card?

There are specific save points that are spread liberally throughout the game world. You may also export your character for play on your friend's PlayStation 2.

What races/classes can I play?

Barbarian Warrior, High Elf Cleric, Wood Elf Ranger, Erudite Wizard, Dark Elf Shadow Knight. Each race/class combination is also playable as either a male or female character.

Can I save my character to the memory card?

Yes. Players can also import and export their characters to take to friends and join in their adventure.

How many characters can I have?

As many as your stock of memory cards can support.

Can I customize my character's appearance?

Yes. Players can choose skin tone, hair style, hair color, tattoos, facial hair, hundreds of armor variations and thousands of distinctive weapons for unmatched character customization.

What starting equipment do I receive?

Players start with a set of armor and basic weapon and will quickly find new equipment to replace the starting items.

How does the combat system work?

Combat is primarily geared as an action experience. By providing a number of spells based on the player character's class, there is quite a bit of RPG depth included. Also, certain creatures are more or less susceptible to different types of attack, so learning what works and where adds a strategic element.

What happens when I die?

You return to the last check point you discovered.