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Ain Soph Aur


A mystic treatise by an unknown author, devoted to the ten Sephirot. Written long before humans colonized the world, it was reclaimed with great effort and translated faithfully from gnomish.

Alabaster Figurine

Quest Item

A small alabaster figurine representing a young vodyanoi taming a water elemental.

Alina's Broken Mirror

Quest Item

A mirror reassembled from several pieces.

Alina's Garland

Quest Item

A withered bridal garland made of field flowers.

Angus' Key


Anti-illusion Philter

Magical Philter

Allows you to see through high-level illusions when you drink it.

Arrest Warrant

Quest Item

A warrant for the Professor's arrest.

Bandit's Key


Bandit's Letter

Quest Item

Our clients are very satisfied, so we will definitely buy more. Please discuss details with our messenger. Signed M.

Bandit's Package

Quest Item

The bandit's package.

Berengar's Letter

Quest Item

A piece of paper covered with nervous, irregular handwriting.

Berengar's Medallion


An amulet radiating powerful magic.

Berengar's Notes on the Beast

Quest Item

A hastily written document, probably drafted by the witcher while he was preparing to fight the Beast.

Bifunctional Fiber and Alloy Recirculator

Quest Item

A strange device of unknown purpose.

Blood-stained Letter


Unfortunately, only fragments of the message can be deciphered.

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