The Witcher 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Category: Potion
Duration: 10
Toxicity: 50
Installation: Base Installation
Resistance to Incineration -50%
Resistance to Bleeding -50%
Resistance to Poisoning -50%
Incineration +15%
Bleeding +15%
Poison +15%
Significantly increases chance of causing critical effects while reducing all resistances.
Basic Substances Required: Vitriol, Aether, Quebrith, Caelum

Brock helps the witcher focus. It increases the effectiveness of all strikes designed to cause one of the many critical effects in the witcher's arsenal - Poisoning, Bleeding, Incineration and the like.

Such close concentration, however, weakens the witcher's defenses. Intent on dealing damage to his foes, the user becomes susceptible to their attacks as his resistances decline. This loss can be counterbalanced by the Golden Oriole potion.

The potion increases Toxicity very markedly when imbibed.

Brock is recommended in situations where the witcher has applied an oil to his blade or has specialized in combat employing an additional effect like Incineration.
• Various Locations - Crafted with the appropriate formula and components