Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Wayfarer's Hide Source: WM1
Category: Light Armor (Chest) Value: 940

DR: 11 (Pierce 14, Freeze 14, Corrode 6)
Recovery Speed: -25%
Freedom: +15 Defense against Hobbled, Stuck, Paralyzed attacks
Minor Spellbind: Grants Nature's Vigor (1 per rest)
Superb: +6 Damage Reduction

How Obtained:
  • Flames-That-Whisper Caverns (Lower) - Found on hidden skeleton

A famed dwarven explorer, Katrenn exemplified her people's reputation for wanderlust, undertaking journeys spanning nations on both sides of the Great Eastern Ocean. To aid her in her expeditions, she commissioned a set of hide armor which would allow her to cross treacherous terrain without hindrance. Inspired by her stories, the armorer enchanted the hide to grant the wearer uncommon stamina. The sight of Katrenn running along unscathed through a field of thorny brambles became a common one.

It is said that Katrenn's fame and experience was such that she was asked to accompany the expedition which would ultimately result in the founding of Durgan's Battery. Whatever the truth of the matter, no further records of her exploits exist.