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Vengiatta Rugia
Category: Light Armor (Chest) Value: 840

DR: 10 (Crush 13, Pierce 13, Burn 8, Corrode 8)
Recovery Speed: -20%
Retaliation: Retaliate when hit by melee attack
Sneak Attack Bonus: +10% Damage to Flanked targets
Superb: +6 Damage Reduction

How Obtained:
  • Endless Paths of Od Nua (Level 15) - Found in Adra Dragon's hoard

This superbly-crafted set of armor is dyed a dark maroon. The dye is uneven and splotchy, making it look like it was colored by an amateur. In a way, it was. Vengiatta Rugia ("Red Vengeance") was worn by a young Vailian woman who witnessed the murder of her family at the hands of mercenaries serving a powerful ducess. When the authorities questioned her, she pretended that trauma had erased any memory of the incident.

Yet while she feigned shock-induced oblivion, she trained in secret. Since she couldn't wear armor or weapons without attracting attention, she took up work as a seamstress and learned to sew a sturdy garment that would protect her without garnering too much notice. She also refitted a stiletto with the handle of an awl, allowing her to carry it without raising suspicion.

By the time she began hunting her family's killers, she was quick with her stiletto and inconspicuous in her padded armor. She assassinated them one by one, each time soaking a piece of her garment in the blood of her latest victim.