Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Silver Flash Source: WM2
Category: Weapon (Blunderbuss) Value: 1600

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Very Slow
Range: 8m
Interrupt: 0.05s
Damage: 7-10 (x6) Pierce vs. Deflection
Accuracy: -10
DR Reduction: 4 DR bypass, -0.3 to Crit Damage multiplier
Spellchance: 10% chance to cast Divine Mark on Hit or Critical Hit
Spellchance: Grants Blind on Hit or Critical Hit
Accurate 3: +12 Accuracy, +15% Damage

How Obtained:
  • Luminescent Caves (Common House) - Found on table

Silver Flash is the invention of Dyrwoodan silver prospector Engar Resc, who discovered a rich vein of silver in an otherwise empty cave. He had begun to mine it when the cave's owner -- the largest bear he had ever seen, by his account -- found him there and threatened to charge.

Engar had come prepared and discharged his blunderbuss at the beast as it ran at him, but the weapon rarely hit where it was aimed, and Engar was horribly mauled. Only by playing dead was he able to escape with his life.

Swearing to never allow it to happen again, Engar used some of his own silver to fashion a new blunderbuss that would never miss, and would slow the charge of any bear. The barrel is beautifully plated with a reflective silver, and engineered to create a blinding flash when it fires, bright enough to stop an animal in its tracks.