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Seal of Faith
Category: Armor (Finger) Value: 1900

Seal of Faith: +1 1st level spell uses, +1 2nd level spell uses, +1 3rd level spell uses
Requires: Priest class

How Obtained:
  • Copperlane - Sold at Lora's Mystical Goods
  • Flames-That-Whisper Caverns (Upper) - Carried by Matron Beregan
  • Stalwart Village (Part 2, Hamond's Emporium) - Sold by Hamond

This thick iron band is dented and scratched and appears to have seen much use. It is studded with eleven small beads, one for each of the gods. It was created by an Aedyran priest to remind him of his devotion, particularly in the heat of battle. It is said that, feeling his fingers rub against the beads, he would say a quick prayer to each of the gods, who blessed him in return.