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Scath Gwannek
Category: Armor (Shield) Value: 905

Deflection: +12
Accuracy: -4
Superb: +12 Shield Deflection
Minor Spellbind: Grants Winter Wind
Bashing: Grants Bash

How Obtained:
  • Caed Nuad - Sold by traveling merchant Azzuro

Found in one of the early raids of the Engwithan ruins in the White March, Scath Gwannek ("Winter Shield") was given to the Aedyran lord thayn in charge of Fort Bonepicker. Unaware of the shield's power and too vain to trust in an artifact from the ruins, the lord thayn hung it in the council chambers of the fort as a symbol of Aedyr's mastery over White March and its native tribe, Stone Bramble.