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Rabbit Fur Gloves
Category: Armor (Hands) Value: 210

Crit Damage Multiplier: +10%

How Obtained:
  • Copperlane Catacombs - Carried by Eorn

Rabbit fur gloves appeared in Aedyran fables and bedtime stories for hundreds of years, typically as lucky gifts to individuals of particular virtue.

The gloves were first mentioned in a bedtime story about a girl who, in the midst of a famine, gave a piece of fruit to an elderly crone. The old woman in turn gave rabbit fur gloves to the girl, and though it was summer, she accepted them graciously. She wore them and managed to forage enough to feed her family, and a few short seasons later, she became a hunter of uncanny skill.

In other stories, the gloves are given to brave warriors, hard-working servants, and honest shopkeepers. The last story to mention the gloves is that of the notorious pickpocket Sanduran, who lost them when he stole an apple from a wizened old crone.

Although the gloves appear to be sewn from the fur of different rabbits, there is no detectable seam between the many-colored pelts. They're soft and cozy, yet when you put your hands in them, your fingers still feel quick and nimble. A rabbit's foot dangles from the left glove, and their natural warmth suggests the presence of essence.