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Ondra's Witness Source: WM2
Category: Quest Item

How Obtained:
  • The Halls of Silence - Found on pedestal past panel puzzle

The ritual of sprinkling holy water is one of the most important traditions in the Ondrite church. For Ondra's followers, it signifies not only a sanctifying of the church, but the actual presence of the Lady of Lament herself. All Ondrite holy water comes from the ocean, and those who convey the water from sea to church on pilgrimage are held in great esteem among the Ondrite faithful.

This aspergillum takes the traditional shape of a spherical vessel set at the end of a long handle, with holes bored into the top to allow water to flow outward when the item is flicked. More uniquely, the shaft has been carved to look as though barnacles cling to it, and the vessel at the end has been made to resemble the moon.

Salt appears to have crusted in long wisps that wind around the object.