Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Looped Rope Source: WM2
Category: Armor (Waist) Value: 210

Clarity: Grants Clarity (Passive)

How Obtained:
  • Stalwart Mines - Dropped by Cillan

A young knight sought a legendary armorer beneath the mountains of the Living Lands. The knight brought a fortune in gold and asked the armorer to craft something exquisite to protect her on her adventures. The old armorer agreed on the condition that the young knight would apprentice with him for three years to learn the basics of his trade.

The young knight agreed and worked at the armorer's side day and night, fashioning breastplates, greaves, cuisses, and shields. As the third year drew to a close, she waited to see what marvelous piece the armorer would craft for her, yet the old man never picked up a hammer but to correct her technique.

On the final evening of her apprenticeship, she approached the armorer and asked about the reward he had promised. He counseled patience and told her that he would finish it by morning.

When she arose the next day, she found him sitting by the hearth, twisting a length of rope. "I've done all you asked," she said. "I've served you faithfully and learned your trade. Where is the armor you promised me?"

"It is here," the old man said, holding up the rope.

"You vowed to grant me a great protection," the knight said, her hand moving to her blade.

"And so I have. You have worked at my side for three years. You have seen how even the strongest steel shatters, dents, and rusts. The greatest protection is not bent metal, but mastery over your own mind. With this, even the gravest wounds shall not stop you."