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Killer's Work
Category: Armor (Hands) Value: 110

Finishing Blow Damage: +10%
Requires: Rogue class

How Obtained:
  • Brackenbury (House Doemenel) - Sold by Bricanta Doemenel

There once was an assassin from Selona who was so successful at her work that she ceased to care for money. Years of profitable contracts had afforded her all the coin she needed. Yet as she reached and passed her prime, she began to worry about her own declining skills.

She trained and practiced, but each year it seemed her movements were a little slower and her hands a touch weaker. And while she frantically honed her dulled abilities, her rivals and pupils had begun to supplant her.

When finally she was convinced to accept another contract, she demanded payment up-front. And what she requested was not copper, but rather an item that would allow her to continue performing at the peak of her abilities.

She was given these gloves in payment, and they served her so well that she never dared remove them for the rest of her long career.