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Journal Page Source: WM1
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How Obtained:
  • Russetwood - Found on dead hunter by Greyjaw

Day 4 - Took down another stag today. Still not enough hides to make this trip worth it.

Day 6 - Blizzard coming. Staying put until it passes.

Day 9 - Close call with a pair of ogres. Lucky they didn't see us.

Day 11 - Tracking a large bear that Nurin spotted from the ridge. Might even be Greyjaw. My grandfather told stories about him. Wouldn't that be something if we were the ones to finally kill him?

Day 12 - It's definitely Greyjaw. We're dangerously close to the ogre cavern, but we've got Greyjaw trapped and his hide is too valuable to pass up. The three of us should be able to handle one bear.