Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Hunter's Mail Source: WM2
Category: Medium Armor (Chest) Value: 540

DR: 11 (Slash 17, Crush 6)
Recovery Speed: -45%
Corrosion Regen: 20% of Damage taken converted to Healing Over Time
Major Spellbind: Grants Draining Touch (1 per rest)
Fine: +2 Damage Reduction

How Obtained:
  • Mowrghek Ien - Found on corpse

It began as nothing more than an accident. A Dyrwoodan hunter on an expedition stepped on the tail of a sleeping stelgaer, and the animal would have torn into him except one of its teeth became lodged in the hunter's mail, affording him an opportunity to slay the beast. The tooth he left in the mail as a kind of trophy.

Other expeditions would gain him new trophies -- teeth or bones -- which he would sew into the armor's links as a point of pride. The hunter himself was eventually slain by a group of Fangs who found him walking out of an Engwithan ruin with a bag full of things they did not feel were his. But they kept up his tradition, sewing one of the hunter's teeth into the mail.

Over the years, they added to the collection, until the wearer was killed. The mail would change hands from time to time in this way when the owner was slain by a beast or someone with a grudge, but without fail, each new owner would add his trophies to the mail, and the armor is now a fearsome pastiche of the remains of beasts and people alike.