Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Golden Gaze Source: WM1
Category: Weapon (Rod) Value: 1205

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Average
Range: 10m
Interrupt: 0.5s
Damage: 8-12 (x2) Pierce/Slash vs. Deflection
Spellchance: 5% chance to cast Expose Vulnerabilities on Hit or Critical Hit

How Obtained:
  • Flames-That-Whisper Caverns (Upper) - Found in ice chute

Ashfall was one of the most hotly contested Aedyran settlements in Dyrwood, and Baldwen Strangbrod was honored to receive an appointment as thayn there. However, he worried over his two children, who displayed little of his martial skill.

He hired a Vailian wizard to assist in his children's training, and this wizard crafted a rod specifically for that purpose. He promised that the rod's missiles were mild enough to avoid seriously injuring the thayn's heirs but that the weapon would, in time, reveal the nature of their weakness.

The rod performed exactly as the wizard had promised. Yet after months of training, Baldwen's children were no better in combat, but half of Ashfall knew of their weak parries and blind spots. When both heirs fell to a Glanfathan raid, the wizard fled, taking Golden Gaze with him.