Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Elryn's Jacket Source: WM2
Category: Light Armor (Chest) Value: 1240

DR: 8 (Crush 10, Pierce 10, Burn 6, Corrode 6)
Spelldefense: 10% to cast Eyestrike when hit or critically hit
Perception: +2
Exceptional: +4 Damage Reduction

How Obtained:
  • Luminescent Caves - Found in trapped chest

The best swindlers know how to put on a good show. Many charm with their words or with sleight-of-hand, but Elryn made his living with his eye for fashion. The son of a tailor, Elryn picked up his father's trade when his father died, but soon found that his love of stitching far outstripped his desire to keep ledgers, and it wasn't long before he was on the street with no means of plying his trade.

But while begging for coins, he noticed that he fared better than the other beggars, and eventually he realized it was because the jacket he wore -- one that he had fashioned himself -- drew attention. When he had scraped together enough money, he poured it into making a jacket so splendid and unique that it would disarm even the wariest of passersby.

It worked exactly as he intended. And in fact so disarming was the jacket that he found he could read and beguile people quite easily once he'd drawn them in with it. He made promises he couldn't keep. He picked pockets with his left hand while pointing out the jacket's fine detail work with his right. In a matter of months, he had money enough to buy back and reopen his father's shop. But thrill and convenience of his new profession kept Elryn right where he was, begging and sweet talking and manipulating. At the end of each day he would steal away to a fine abode on the other side of town where no one knew him.

Things took a turn for Elryn when he met a young woman who captivated him from the moment he laid eyes on her. He tried to work his charms on her but found instead that he tripped over his own tongue and could barely get a word out. Yet the woman seemed to enjoy his efforts in spite of it all, and he finally convinced her to come to his home. He awoke the next morning to find his house had been emptied of every valuable and coin he'd ever saved or swindled, and only then did he realize it hadn't been the woman that captivated him at all -- it had been her stunning velvet bodice -- and he knew he'd been had by a kindred soul. Alas, his prized jacket was among the items she removed, and Elryn lived out the rest of his days in poverty.

Where most padded armor is constructed in vertical strips, Elryn's jacket bears a distinctive diamond pattern. It has a high collar and long sleeves that go all the way to the wrists, and it has an uncanny way of catching people off-guard.