Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Coil of Resourcefulness Source: WM1
Category: Armor (Waist) Value: 1010

Stalker: +15 Trap Accuracy
Fast Draw: -1 Weapon Change Recovery
Dexterity: +1

This simple belt isn't much to look at, but it's been a favorite of savvy adventurers for years. Its snug but comfortable fit and its myriad pouches, sheaths, and loops allow the wearer quick access to weapons and tools. Armorers and leatherworkers have tried over the years to replicate the Coil of Resourcefulness -- or even to improve it -- but the ideal design remains a matter of controversy. All anyone can agree on is that none of the recently-produced belts are as good as the original.

Every few years, however, an adventurer will show up at an inn, campfire, or hunting lodge, claiming to wear the original Coil of Resourcefulness. Speculation will run rampant once again as supporters and detractors compare the most recent specimen to the various and contradictory accounts from old adventurers' journals.