Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Cape of the Master Mystic Source: WM1
Category: Armor (Neck) Value: 1310

Spell Holding: Grants Invisibility when hit by a Critical Hit (1 per encounter)
Deflection: +12
Major Spellbind: Grants Minor Arcane Reflection (1 per rest)

How Obtained:
  • Russetwood - Dropped by Laenric during the task Bounty: Laenric

The Cape of the Master Mystic was a gift to a Kulklin king in the days before the Kulklin and Aedyr Kingdoms joined to form the Aedyr Empire. It was imbued with spells and magics to protect the wearer, and so it was extremely useful for travel through some of the contested regions on the border with Aedyr.

The king gave the cape to his children while they traveled, and years later, they used it to protect their own children. The tradition continued for years after the formation of the Aedyr Empire until a Kulklin princess traveling with the cape eloped with the captain of her personal guard. The princess and her lover were never heard from again, but the cape surfaced decades later in Dyrwood.