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Fine Breastplate
Category: Medium Armor (Chest) Value: 340

DR: 10 (Pierce 13, Burn 9, Freeze 9)
Recovery Speed: -40%
Fine: +2 Damage Reduction
Defiant: +50% Armor Damage Reduction when under 25% Max Health

How Obtained:
  • Ondra's Gift - Worn by Pallegina

Breastplates are popular for offering a modest amount of protection without the restrictive movement of heavier mail and full suits of plate armor.

Due to their widespread use by warriors from the Vailian Republics, the fashion of clothing and padding worn under breastplates typically reflects Vailian styles. This one, belonging to the paladin Pallegina, bears the stylized engraving of five suns, representing the Vailian Republics, and more specifically the Brotherhood of the Five Suns.