Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Gwyn's Band of Union Source: WM2
Category: Armor (Finger) Value: 1210

Minor Spellbind: Grants Blessing (1 per encounter)
Spellstamina: Grants Instill Doubt when Endurance drops below 80% (1 per encounter)
Intellect: +4

How Obtained:
  • The Halls of Presence - Found in hidden urn in Vault of Forgotten Thoughts

Gwyn was a young woman from Forked Vale who was engaged to be married to a farmer from her village. Her parents were thrilled about the match, yet as the day of her wedding drew nearer, Gwyn suffered from horrible nightmares that she was suffocating. She would awaken, gasping for breath but otherwise unable to move.

She told her parents about the nightmares and the horrible weight that seemed to press on her shoulders more and more each passing day. They assured her that the nerves would pass, but they didn't.

On the morning of her wedding day, when the sky was still gray and a heavy mist hung over the fields, Gwyn snuck away. She thought a long walk might calm her, but the farther she got from Forked Vale, the better she felt. By the time she reached Pearlwood Bluffs, she realized she had no intention of going back.

She spent the night at a little roadside inn on the charity of the owner, and after a hot dinner and a good mug of ale, she enjoyed the best sleep she'd had in months. When she awoke, her hostess pointed her to Defiance Bay.

She reached the city and quickly found the port. She had nothing of value besides her betrothal ring, which she traded for passage to Aedyr.