Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Ring of Changing Heart Source: WM1
Category: Armor (Finger) Value: 810

Major Spellbind: Grants Dominate (2 per rest)
Resolve: +3

How Obtained:
  • Stalwart Village - Dropped by Warleader Darzir

Cailatto, more commonly known as "the Bronze Chanter" or simply "Cai," was a famous singer and flautist from the old empire of Grand Vailia. His exploits with women were even more famous than his skill with music, and though he claimed that his way with women came from his innate charm, he was never seen without a certain silver ring -- even when he had divested himself of all else.

In the end, it was Cai's own indiscretions that led to his demise. He dallied with an assassin known as Faldila Rugia, and then he comforted the niece of the woman's most recent mark. What was an unfortunate coincidence for Cai looked like a suspicious alliance to the assassin, and she killed him in his sleep to prevent him from spilling her secrets.