Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Category: Weapon (Arquebus) Value: 1200

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Extremely Slow
Range: 10m
Interrupt: 0.5s
Damage: 24-36 Pierce vs. Deflection
Accuracy: -5
Accuracy: +12
Grazes Converted to Hits: +20%
DR Reduction: 6 DR Bypass, -0.3 to Crit Damage multiplier

How Obtained:
  • Northweald - Reward for completing the quest At the Mercy of the Tribes

Boasting a distinctive long barrel, Long-Feller was the property of a Readceran vorlas farmer, who used it largely to keep his fields clear of birds and rodents. Years of practice and careful adjustments to the arquebus made it a weapon to be reckoned with, for the farmer could pick off a songbird mid-chirp at twenty paces. With the coming of the Saint's War, the farmer carried this same gun into battle, where it proved similarly effective.