Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Pretty Pretty's Rib
Category: Weapon (Rod) Value: 2205

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Average
Range: 10m
Interrupt: 0.5s
Damage: 16-23 Pierce/Slash vs. Deflection
Superb: +12 Accuracy, +45% Damage
Rending: 3 DR bypass
Attack Speed: +20%

How Obtained:
  • Heritage Hill (Tower, Level 2) - Dropped by Ysly during the task Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly

Goodhope was a small town with a large graveyard. It was quiet and uneventful until someone -- or something -- started killing livestock, leaving dismembered and half-eaten bodies in the fields overnight for the farmers to discover the next morning. Certain that wolves or mountain lions were to blame, the townsfolk set up a nightly watch to stop the beasts.

During one night's vigil, the town awoke to screams of pain and terror. They found the farmer on watch in the middle of a field, one shoulder a bloody stump, a horrific gul leaning over him. The gul saw the townspeople and fled, still gnawing on the wounded farmer's right arm.

They got the farmer back to his house, and the healer did her best to repair the damage. When asked what had happened, all the farmer could manage was something that sounded like, "Pretty... pretty..." The gul came to be known as Pretty Pretty, and the villagers searched for someone to defeat it. Their cries for help were answered by a necromancer who kept a rib from the gul and had it made into a rod.