Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Category: Weapon (Flail) Value: 905

One-Handed Weapon
Speed: Fast
Interrupt: 0.35s
Damage: 12-17 Crush vs. Deflection
Grazes Converted to Hits: +30%
Exceptional: +8 Accuracy, +30% Damage
Attack Speed: +20%
Burning Lash: +25% Burn Damage

How Obtained:
  • First Fires (Ducal Palace) - Reward for completing the quest Cinders of Faith

The origin of this item is a point of contention among the followers of Eothas and Woedica. Eothasians claim that their priests had it commissioned in the early aftermath of the Saint's War in hopes that it would coax their god back into the world to finish what he started. Woedicans, on the other hand, claim that the item is older than that, an instrument of retribution against oathbreakers originally employed by the Steel Garrote, an order of Woedican paladins devoted to the enforcement of oaths and contracts, often in mirthless fashion.

The flail itself is unique in that the spiked ball at its end was fashioned out of an incense burner, and when it sees vigorous use, the smell of incense blankets the area. Its reputation has led to a handful of notable deceptions whereby people who'd defied their agreements were frightened into honoring them when the smell of incense was introduced into her negotiation room or bedchamber.