Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Coat of Ill Payment
Category: Heavy Armor (Chest) Value: 940

DR: 14 (Crush 18, Corrode 11)
Recovery Speed: -50%
Retaliation: Retaliate when hit by a melee attack
Resolve: +2
Exceptional: +4 Damage Reduction

How Obtained:
  • Esternwood - Dropped by Thorfen during the task Bounty: Thorfen

The Coat of Ill Payment came into the hands of an Aedyran gambler after he won it in a game of chance. Unsure of exactly what use he'd get out of it, he took to wearing it at his games as a good luck charm. An opponent accused him of cheating and attempted to beat payment out of the gambler -- only to recoil in pain after landing the first blow. The gambler realized then that the armor granted him some measure of magical protection -- and decided upon a new scheme.

The gambler would get into a game, cheat openly -- or at least give the appearance of it -- and then fight the angry party when matters escalated, often for higher stakes. This worked swimmingly -- until he overplayed his hand, and found himself on the receiving end of more angry fists than the armor could handle.