Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Category: Weapon (Mace) Value: 905

One-Handed Weapon
Speed: Average
Interrupt: 0.5s
Damage: 16-23 Crush vs. Deflection
DR Bypass: 3
Superb: +12 Accuracy, +45% Damage
Major Spellbind: Grants Restore Moderate Endurance

How Obtained:
  • Hearthsong (Market) - Sold by Rhanet

A priestess of Hylea an Old Vailia took in children orphaned by a famine. She guarded them in the temple and gathered what food she could. When looters came to the temple doors, demanding that she surrender their meager supplies, she prayed to her goddess for strength. The priestess suddenly found a powerful mace in her folded hands and an indomitable courage in her heart. When she charged through the temple door, it's said the very birds swooped from the treetops to pluck at the thieves' eyes.

When the local duc heard of her bravery and the plight of the children, he diverted emergency supplies from his own hall to feed them. The brave priestess and her mace, Aimoranet ("Little Beloved") became symbols of Hylea's fierce protection.