Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Category: Weapon (Flail) Value: 1005

One-Handed Weapon
Speed: Fast
Interrupt: 0.35s
Damage: 12-17 Crush vs. Deflection
Convert Grazes to Hits: +30%
Exceptional: +8 Accuracy, +30% Damage
Stunning: Attacks can Stun on Crits
Spell Striking: Grants Minoletta's Minor Missiles

How Obtained:
  • Hearthsong (Market) - Sold by Derwn

Devotees of Ondra along the north shore of the Ixamitl plains watch the moon and stars sink into the sea every night, performing obeisance to the goddess of the tides. A traveling Aedyran anthropologist made note of their rituals, filling his journal with sketches of folk swinging their arms to the firmament and descriptions of the stars falling from the night sky.

The journal was published and widely distributed in the nascent Aedyre and Vailian colonies. A copy eventually fell into the hands of an apprentice armorer who was so enchanted with the images of the rituals that she set out to craft an homage to them. Her masterwork was Starcaller, a flail of such quality that it was said to have fallen from the heavens themselves.