Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Category: Armor (Feet) Value: 110

Fenwalkers: +7 Defense against Stuck attacks, -2s Stuck duration, +7 Defense against Hobbled attacks, -2s Hobbled duration, +7 Defense against Paralyzed attacks, -2s Paralyzed duration

How Obtained:
  • Elmshore (Cave) - Found in locked chest
  • Elm's Reach (Residence) - Found in shelf
  • Russetwood - Sold by Morug

These comfortable, close-fitting boots are ideal for traversing difficult terrain. Modeled after the footwear of the Fisher Crane tribe of Thein Bog, these boots are commonly manufactured in Madsdam and Baelreach for travel through the marshes. As the roads from the Vailian Republics have become more and more important for trade and travel, these boots have grown in popularity and style.