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Angio's Gambeson
Category: Light Armor (Chest) Value: 540

DR: 6 (Crush 8, Pierce 8, Burn 5, Corrode 5)
Recovery Speed: -20%
Fine: +2 Damage Reduction
Athletics: +2
Major Spellbind: Grants Deleterious Alacrity of Motion

How Obtained:
  • Dyrford Village (Winfrith's Arms and Armory) - Sold by Winfrith

The renowned Vailian acrobat, Angio, wore this garment while performing jaw-dropping feats that seemed to defy the laws of nature and the standards of good sense. He would leap and tumble across wires suspended high above the ground, and while there is no evidence that this gambeson actually reduced his intelligence, his concern for safety lessened as his fame and skill grew. He forswore the wearing of safety harnesses and, eventually, the use of any kind of safety rope, claiming that these tethers limited his ability to perform. While his skill never failed him, one of his tightropes unfortunately did. He plunged to his death at the foot of Ancenze Fortress.