Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Aloster Drake's Falchion
Base Damage: 2d4
Base Critical Threat: 18-20/x2
Base Damage Type: Slashing
Weapon Size: Large
Feats Required: Martial
Base Item: Falchion
Weight: 8 pound(s)
Resource Name: i_alosters_reward
Installation: Mysteries of Westgate
Special Properties
Saving Throw Bonus: Electrical [+ 1]
Damage Bonus: Electrical [1]
Regardless of information to the contrary, many people in Westgate believe this falchion was used by Aloster Drake to lop off the head of the notorious pirate Galandaro. While the blade features only a minor enchantment, its hilt bears Aloster's sigil, ensuring that the weapon will fetch a good price as a collector's item.