Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Creeping Cold
Base Item: Scroll
Weight: 0.1 pound(s)
Resource Name: nx1_it_spdvscr004
Installation: Mask of the Betrayer
Special Properties
Cast Spell: Creeping Cold [Single Use]
Use Limitation: Class: Druid
Caster Level(s): Druid 2
Innate Level: 2
School: Transmutation
Descriptor(s): Cold
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Short
Area of Effect / Target: One creature
Duration: 3 rounds
Save: Fortitude half
Spell Resistance: Yes

The subject takes 1d6 cumulative points of cold damage per round (that is, 1d6 on the first round, 2d6 on the second, and 3d6 on the third). Only one save is allowed against the spell; if successful, it halves the damage each round.