Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
The Viper
Base Damage: 1d10
Base Critical Threat: 20/x3
Base Damage Type: Piercing and Slashing
Weapon Size: Large
Feats Required: Martial
Base Item: Halberd
Weight: 12 pound(s)
Resource Name: i_viper
Installation: Mysteries of Westgate
Special Properties
Enhancement Bonus [+ 2]
On Hit: Poison [DC=16] [Amount: 1d2 Strength Damage]
Massive Criticals [1d4]
Forged from an extremely heavy bluish steel, this massive halberd is overweighted at the end so as to deliver an especially deadly blow when struck true. It also features two nasty-looking curved spikes at its tip, oddly reminiscent of viper fangs, while a thin coating of waxy magically-enhanced venom allows these "fangs" to be every bit as deadly as those of the actual beast.

Who or what could have forged such a vicious weapon is unknown.