Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Breastplate of Hidden Imaskar
Base Armor Class: 5
Maximum Dexterity Bonus: 3
Armor Check Penalty: -4
Arcane Spell Failure: 25%
Feats Required: Medium Armor
Base Item: Armor
Weight: 30 pound(s)
Resource Name: nx1_breastplate01
Installation: Mask of the Betrayer
Special Properties
Material: Metal (Mithral)
AC Bonus [+ 6]
Immunity: Miscellaneous: Poison
Immunity: Damage Type: Acid [10% Immunity Bonus]
The design of this armor is clearly of Imaskar origin and although the empire has long since faded, you feel the same fate has not befallen the magic contained within this ancient breastplate.