Neverwinter Nights 2 Feats Database: Feat Details
Curse Song
Feat ID: 871
Type of Feat: General
Use: Selected
Prerequisite: Bard Level 1
Skill Required: Perform (3 ranks)
Installation: Neverwinter Nights (Base)

Bards are able to sing a song that can curse their enemies. Deafened creatures are not affected by the bard's singing. The song affects all enemies within 30 feet and lasts for 10 rounds. The higher the bard's Perform skill and class level, the more powerful the Curse Song. All of the penalties listed are additive:

3 Perform and Bard Level 1: -1 to Attack and Damage Rolls
6 Perform and Bard Level 2: -1 to Will Saves
9 Perform and Bard Level 3: -1 to Damage Rolls and -1 to Fortitude Saves
12 Perform and Bard Level 6: -1 to Reflex Saves and -1 to Skill Rolls
15 Perform and Bard Level 8: -1 to Attack Rolls and 8 Damage
18 Perform and Bard Level 11: -2 to Dodge Armor Class and -1 to Skill Rolls
Perform 21 and Bard Level 14: -1 to Damage Rolls, 8 Damage, and -1 to Dodge Armor Class
Perform 24 and Bard Level 15: -1 to Will Saves, -1 to Reflex Saves, -1 to Fortitude Saves, and -1 to Dodge Armor Class
Perform 25 and Bard Level 16: -1 to Will Saves, 4 Damage, and -1 to Dodge Armor Class

For each additional 5 Perform and 1 class level in Bard, an additional 2 damage is granted.