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Geth: Hoppers Geth: Hoppers

Category: Aliens: Non-Council Races
Type: Secondary

The geth models collectively dubbed "hoppers" by Alliance forces are electronic warfare platforms. They can project electromagnetic radiation across a broad spectrum as an offensive weapon. They can also perform cyber warfare attacks against the onboard computers of body armor hardsuits and weapons, adversely affecting their performance.

The structure of hoppers consist of an advanced and highly elastic artificial muscle material. This allows a hopper to compress its entire body for powerful leaps. Hoppers also have thousand of molecule-scale "barbs" on the surfaces of their hands and feet, which are used to cling to walls and ceilings. Hoppers are very difficult to target, leaping from one surface to another in rapid succession.

The quarians have no record of any geth model similar to hoppers. This new morphotype must have been developed over the last three hundred years by the geth themselves. This is troubling proof that the geth are continuing to move towards technological singularity. Experts in synthetic life are intrigued that hoppers appear to be even more organic then the baseline geth.

The identified subtypes of hopper have been codenamed Sapper, Stalker, and Ghost.