Legend of Grimrock II Equipment Database: Search Results
Power Gem
Category: Miscellaneous (Quest Item) Weight: 0.2 kg

A beautiful gem that radiates light in all the colors of the spectrum.

How Obtained:
  • Shipwreck Beach - Dropped by viper roots
  • Twigroot Forest - Found behind gate on eastern side of map
  • Twigroot Tunnels - Found in Be Quick room
  • Twigroot Tunnels - Found after Trickster battle
  • Forgotten River - Found on northern island
  • Keelbreach Bog - Found in northwestern corner of map
  • Keelbreach Bog - Gained after solving Reflexus puzzle
  • Herder's Den - Reward for completing Herder's Den challenge
  • Ruins of Desarune - Found on western side of map
  • Lexiconary - Found in Lexiconary
  • Cemetery - Reward for completing Six Pits puzzle
  • Wormbound Catacombs - Reward for defeating the Ghoul Arena
  • Orul's Crypt - Found behind locked gate connected to Orul battle
  • Tomb of Rites - Found near exit to Ceremonial Chamber
  • Barren Desert - Dropped by Magma Golem
  • Sewers - Found south of the Spike Trap puzzle
  • Hamlet of Stormbreach - Reward for completing House of Needles puzzle
  • Crystal Mine Entrance - Found on western side of map
  • Crystal Mine Abyss - Found on eastern side of map
  • Castle Nex (Roof) - Dropped by Lindworm