Legend of Grimrock II Equipment Database: Search Results
Crystal Flower
Category: Miscellaneous (Ingredient) Weight: 0.05 kg

A mystical living thing, the Crystal Flower is half plant, half mineral formation. It is extremely fortunate to find even one in a lifetime. Alchemists value them very highly.

How Obtained:
  • Sleet Island - Found on northwestern island
  • Flooded Dungeon - Found in Floral Vault
  • Lexiconary - Found in Lexiconary
  • Cemetery - Found in northwestern part of map
  • Wormbound Catacombs - Found past Bouncing Bolt puzzle
  • Ceremonial Chamber - Found in snake statue room (x3)
  • Barren Desert - Found on the ground (x2)
  • Crystal Mine Core - Found near entrance
  • Crystal Mine Abyss - Found next to Crystal of Life
  • Crystal Mine Abyss - Found next to hidden stone head