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The Sandgoose (Rifle)
Damage Progression: 29 | 41 | 54 | 68 | 97 | 124
Base Value: 16700 Gold

Augment 1: Aggressive (Earn Guild Seals from evil expressions.)
Augment 1 Reward: +1 gold per hit.

Augment 2: Adventurous (Complete 20 quests.)
Augment 2 Reward: +25 extra damage.

Augment 3: Popularity (Become friends with 30 villagers.)
Augment 3 Reward: Gain money with each hit.
This incredibly powerful rifle was created by the weaponmaster Sandy Goose. His talents were so sought out that he became a hermit. This is his masterpiece, and all that remains of him.

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