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The Absolver (Hammer)
Damage Progression: 19 | 28 | 40 | 52 | 85 | 116
Base Value: 8500 Gold

Augment 1: Big Hearted (Make yourself fatter.)
Augment 1 Reward: +15 extra damage.

Augment 2: Party Animal (Become friends with 30 villagers.)
Augment 2 Reward: Earn Guild Seals faster in combat.

Augment 3: Absolution (Kill 200 evil enemies.)
Augment 3 Reward: +20% damage vs. evil enemies.
Hammer used this weapon to mete out justice in the name of her father, murdered in the Temple of Light. 'The Absolver is the weapon of choice for warrior monks and angry priests.
• The Sanctuary - Received as a gift after redeeming the code for pre-ordering from Walmart or GAME

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