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Hammer of the Whale (Hammer)
Damage Progression: --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | 129
Base Value: 8350 Gold

Augment 1: Burning (Kill 200 enemies with an unweaved Fireball spell.)
Augment 1 Reward: + flame damage.

Augment 2: Ungodly (Decrease your moral standing.)
Augment 2 Reward: +21 extra damage.

Augment 3: Whale (Kill 25 large enemies.)
Augment 3 Reward: Gain health with each hit.
Forged in the nether world, this diabolical weapon originally went by the name of the Ungodly Burning Hammer of the Ferocious Cetacean. It didn't fit on the handle, though.
• The Sanctuary - Received as a gift after unlocking it in Fable Coin Golf on Windows Phone 7

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