Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Target-Seeking System
Flechette Navigation System
Category: Weapon Upgrade
Use: Target-seeking capability. Flechettes will curve to hit the target.
For: Combat rifle, machine pistol.
Activation: Hold the interaction button to activate and deactivate.
Manufacturer: Kaiga Ltd.
Installation: Base Installation
The Flechette Navigation System will allow an upgraded weapon to fire high-speed flechettes that, thanks to an onboard guidance system, are able to alter their flight path. Simply put, lock onto a target and fire at will. Using the Probable Location Matrix, projectiles will attempt to 'find' the target, even when line of sight is broken.
• Lower Hengsha (Hung Hua Hotel) - Found at base of bed on level 4
• Detroit (Downtown Apartments) - Purchased from Seurat on your second visit to Detroit
• Lower Hengsha (City Streets) - Purchased from Peng Xin Hao on your second visit to Hengsha
• Lower Hengsha (Hengsha Seaport) - Purchased from Lu Pin Rong