Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Gas Grenade
G-Tech R-Series CS Gas Discharger
Category: Explosive
Use: Non-lethal gas used to knock multiple targets unconscious at once.
Warning!: Ineffective against robots.
Upgrades: The gas grenade is not upgradeable, but can be turned into a very effective 'gas mine' when combined with the Mark 87 Tactical Munition Mine Template.
Manufacturer: Military Arms of Ostrava
Installation: Base Installation
The R-Series CS Gas Discharger is a standard tactical anti-personnel gas grenade, capable of discharging CS gas (also known as tear gas) over a defined radius. A hand-thrown device, the grenade has no effect against inorganic targets or targets equipped with sealed environment masks or rebreather augmentations; however, against unprotected organic targets, the discharge cloud causes temporary loss of vision and a nausea reaction.
• Detroit (Abandoned Factory) - Purchased from MCB Gang Leader