Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Cooling System
Internal Coolant Enhancement (ICE) package for Weapons
Category: Weapon Upgrade
Use: Negates overheating.
For: Heavy Rifle, Plasma Rifle.
Manufacturer: Connaught
Installation: Base Installation
The Internal Coolant Enhancement (ICE) package uses modified Doppler Trap technology to dissipate heat so efficiently that the threat of heat-jamming is nonexistent. It allows for extended bursts of fire when attached to a weapon.
• Montreal (Online News Division) - Found on shelf in armory
• Detroit (City Streets) - Purchased from Grayson on your second visit to Detroit
• Lower Hengsha (Harvesters' Hideout) - Found in safe
• Lower Hengsha (Hengsha Seaport) - Purchased from Lu Pin Rong
• Panchaea (Tower Section) - Found on filing cabinet