Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Heavy Rifle
M-404NF (Non-Fixed) Battle Rifle
Category: Weapon
Type: Lethal
Rate of Fire: 7
Reload Speed: 1
Damage Output: 4
Ammo Capacity: 6
Use: Powerful and features a high rate-of-fire. Great to use against tough opponents.
Upgrades: The M-404NF Battle Rifle supports all standard upgrades, as well as a special Internal Coolant Enhancement (ICE) package that can prevent the weapon from overheating during sustained firing.

It is also compatible with laser targeting systems.
Manufacturer: Mustang Ad-Tech Inc.
Installation: Base Installation
One of the most powerful projectile firearms available, the M-404NF is a military-specification support weapon typically deployed with ground infantry units. Capable of delivering a hail of fully-automatic fire, it is suitable for suppressing enemy positions or attacking armored targets. While the Battle Rifle provides superlative damage delivery, range, ammunition capacity, and rate of fire, its large mass and inherent instability during sustained operation make it suitable only for area attack options. Reloading can also be time-consuming.