Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
10mm Pistol
Zenith 10mm Semi-Automatic Pistol
Category: Weapon
Type: Lethal
Rate of Fire: 4
Reload Speed: 5
Damage Output: 3
Ammo Capacity: 3
Use: Medium-range, lethal weapon.
Upgrades: The gun supports all standard upgrades, plus one that's all its own: a specialized armor-piercing barrel modification. The gun also supports add-ons such as silencers and laser targeting systems.
Manufacturer: Steiner-Bisley GmbH
Installation: Base Installation
A widely available "jack-of-all-trades" pistol used by everyone from gangbangers to generals, the Zenith 10mm pistol is a lightweight, semi-automatic handgun with a short effective range but quick rate-of-fire, average ammunition capacity, standard reloading time, and regular damage capability.