Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Rod of Lordly Might Code: RODS02
Category: Miscellaneous (Wand) Value: 5000
Lore Req to ID: 70 Weight: 5

Charged Abilities:
  • This rod may transform into any of the following weapons when used. Each weapon may also change back into the rod at will.
  • Mace +2
     - Special: Target must save vs. Spell at +5 or panic for 4 rounds
     - THAC0: +2
     - Damage: 1d6+3 (crushing)
  • Flaming Long Sword +1
     - Special: Target must save vs. Spell at +5 or be held for 5 rounds
     - THAC0: +1
     - Damage: 1d8+1 (slashing)
  • Spear +3
     - Special: Target must save vs. Spell at +6 or take 2d4 points of magical damage
     - THAC0: +3
     - Damage: 1d6+3 (piercing)

How Obtained:
  • City-of-Caverns - Given by king or found in treasury

Also called the Wrath of Three Kings, though not associated with any named king in particular, this rod was likely made in 1090 DR. It saw use during the Battle of the Bones, but for which side is uncertain, as it was found amongst the dead after a larger skirmish. Three buttons unlock the rod's magic: The first transforms it into a fearsome enchanted mace; the second, a hypnotic flaming blade; the third, a barbed spear. Only warriors can properly use its exotic mix of weaponry.