Baldur's Gate Equipment Database: Search Results
Dart of Wounding
Category: Weapon (Dart) Value: 50
Lore Req to ID: 21 Weight: 0

One-Handed Weapon
Damage: 1d3
Damage Type: Missile
Speed Factor: 2
Range: 20
Proficiency: Dart

Combat Abilities:
  • Target must save vs. Death or take 20 points of poison damage in 20 seconds

How Obtained:
  • Wilderness Zone (AR1400) - Found in ankheg caves in niche holding Nathan's corpse
  • Wilderness Zone (AR3600) - Found in cave with Flesh Golems
  • Baldur's Gate East (Sorcerous Sundries) - Sold by Halbazzer Drin
  • Durlag's Tower (Upper Level 4) - Found in chest (TOSC)
  • Werewolf Island North - Found on Level 2 of Balduran's ship (TOSC)

This dart is coated in a deadly poison that will immediately seep into the bloodstream if striking an opponent, with very deadly results.