Alpha Protocol Equipment Database: Item Details
Samael Storm
Category: Weapon
Type: Submachine Gun
Value: $26,500
Damage: 9
Accuracy: 16
Recoil: 23
Stability: 24
Ammunition: 34
Quick Summary: Very stable, with light recoil and generous clips, but below-average stopping power.
When it comes to fully automatic ballistic mayhem, accept nothing less. Used in pairs, the submachine guns offer a stream of bullets that generates recoil and injury in equal doses. Accurate only in short bursts, the SMG is ideal at short and medium ran
Israeli weapon design firm Samael made its start with concealable, small caliber pistols and has branched out into a wide range of military grade firearms. Samael weapons are designed for soldiers and mercenaries that expect to be outnumbered - so all of
• Saudi Arabia (Clearinghouse) - Purchased from Murad
• Taipei (Clearinghouse) - Purchased from Heck Enterprises